Ottawa: Some Facts

Ravi Shanghavi has lived in Ottawa, Canada, for the whole of his life, and has been employed in many businesses in this area. Most notably, he develops property in the region, as President of Antilia Homes.

Ravi loves living in Canada, and so do his fellow Candians: according to Forbes, Canada is the seventh happiest place to live in the world in 2018!

Here’s a few facts about Ottawa, and Canda more broadly, that may help you understand why…

Climate in Ottawa

With average maximum temperatures of nearly 27 °C (c.80 °F) in July, summertime in Ottawa gives locals ample time to enjoy the local scenery. Whitewater rafting, climbing, and hiking are all popular activities in the summer months.

During winter, the temperature plummets with the average January minimum temperature hitting -14 °C (c.6 °F). Snow and ice dominate, with the City receiving 224 centimetres of snowfall annually. This presents a great opportunity to enjoy winter sports!

Here’s an idea of Ottawa’s current temperature:

It is this stark seasonality that makes Ottawa, and Canada more broadly, such a great place to live.

Rideau Canal in Winter
The Rideau Canal in winter forms the world’s longest natural skating rink!

Canada’s Geography: Ottawa

The older part of the City is known as Lower Town and occupies an area between the rivers and the canal. The Centertown and Downtown Ottawa, which is known as the city’s financial and commercial hub, lies to the west across the canal. Across the Ottawa River, that forms the border between Ontario and Quebec, lies the city of Gatineau, itself the result of former Quebec cities of Hull and Aylmer together with Gatineau. Although formally and administratively separate cities in two separate provinces, Ottawa and Gatineau collectively constitute the National Capital Region.

Sport in Canada

Ice Hockey is Canada’s most prevalent winter sport, its most popular spectator sport, and its most successful sport in international competition. Lacrosse is Canada’s official summer game.

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